Dispenser Cathodes for X-Ray Tubes

The new generation of x-rays systems based on micro-focus technology

is enabling not destructive, faster and more accurate real time quality controls and inspection in the production lines of many electronic devices such as batteries and printed circuits boards as well as in the food and drug industries, The spot size diameter of the x-ray beam for the micro focus systems is below 10 microns: small diameter, tip shaped dispenser cathodes are enabling this micrometric diameter of the x-ray beam. that might find also important applications in the medical science. The dispenser cathodes for x-rays tubes can have different shapes and sizes down to 0.01" (0.25 mm) as shown below.

Tip Diameter Unpotted X-ray Cathodes Potted X-ray Cathodes Potted With Sleeves X-ray Cathodes Potted With Sleeves and Base X-ray Cathodes
  1126X Series 1126HX Series 1126HS Series 1126HB Series
0.096 (2.5 mm) 112-600 112-610 112-620 112-630
0.020 (0.5mm) 112-602 112-612 112-622 112-632
0.039 (1 mm) 112 604 112-614 112-624 112-634
0.059 [1.5 mrn] 112-606 112-616 112-626 112-636
HT.:3 Series - Emitter I Bcdv / Heater / Sleeve /

Spectra-Mat is supplying the dispenser cathodes for x-rays tubes in different configurations: abase, a potted heater and sleeves can be added to match the customer's needs. In ;Any case, the dispenser cathodes will work at around 1000 C when a power of few Watt is applied to the heater.

The lifetime of dispenser cathodes inside x-rays tubes has been proven over 20000 hours thanks to the uniform distribution of pores over the emitter surface. The lifetime of dispenser cathodes is definitively longer than pure tungsten filaments, making dispenser cathodes a financially viable solution for x-rays inspection system whose maintenance time needs to be minimized because they operate in 24 hours production environment.

  • Proven long life.
  • Standard and scandate mixes available.
  • Tip size down to 0.01" (0.25 mm).
  • OsRu coating.
  • Dispenser cathodes with bases available.
  • Engineering support to design the suitable cathode geometry.
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