Cathodes For Ion Gas Lasers


  • Despite the success of the solid state and semiconductor lasers, ion gas lasers are still widely used in a variety of industrial and scientific applications because of their superior characteristics in terms of coherence of the laser beam.
  • Since the beginning of the development of ion gas lasers, Spectra-Mat contributed to the success of the technology.
  • Since then Spectra-Mat has manufactured thousands of high quality and highly reliable cathodes.
  • Spectra-Mat Patent N° 3514661.



  • Robust structure
  • Spirals diameters ranging from 0.13" up to over 1.00".
  • Excellent parallelism of spirals
  • Reliable welding of Mo legs
  • High purity raw materials for impregnants guaranteeing stable and high electrons emission
  • Proven long life in ion gas laser operating conditions
  • Cathodes are working excellently in Ar, Xe, Kr and HeCd gasses and their mixtures
  • No outgassing
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