Spectra-Mat, Inc. has been able to build on our strong technical understanding of refractory powder metallurgy with sophisticated engineering capabilities to create enabling dispenser cathodes for microwave and x-ray tubes
for over 50 years

Spectra-Mat controls every production process for dispenser cathodes to guarantee consistency of cathode performance. Thanks to this strong technical base in material science and vacuum technology, Spectra-Mat is today the worldwide reference supplier of dispenser cathodes of any sizes for all microwave tubes, x-ray tubes, arc flash lamps, neutron generation and ion lasers. Spectra-Mat dispenser cathodes enable many advanced applications in telecommunication, medical, industrial, aerospace and defense markets. Due to the strategic addition of Spectra-Mat to SAES Group ( in 2008, today SAES Group is able to provide a complete solution for electron emission (dispenser cathodes up to complete e-guns) and vacuum issues (porous getters and getter vacuum pumps) to the entire worldwide vacuum tube industry and to particle accelerators.



Over the years, by leveraging our material science knowledge for refractory metals, Spectra-Mat developed a new line of tungsten alloys for radiation shielding and of highly porous tungsten structures for different applications. Moreover, Spectra-Mat was able to also phase in the growing market of solid state microwave devices, likely to partially replace vacuum tubes in the long run, by developing a totally new line of products based on tungsten and molybdenum infiltrated with copper. Today Spectra-Mat is supplying thousands of WCu submounts per month to cool down high power semiconductor lasers for industrial and defense application. With the same product line, Spectra-Mat is also serving the growing GaN devices market of power amplifiers for telecom and defense applications, enabling SAES Group to offer complete solutions (thermal management materials, hydrogen getters and dispensable driers) to the expanding GaN and Ga As applications.

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