Thermal Management for Optoelectronics and Microelectronics

  • Exceptional flatness and dimensional tolerance control.
  • Superior thermal conductivity compared to competitive technologies.
  • Excellent CTE stability till over 400C.
  • Consistent plating quality even on narrow features.

Spectra-Mat's unique technology to infiltrate copper

in an highly homogeneous sintered tungsten matrix guarantees the homogeneity of thermal conductivity of the tungsten copper material along the three axes. The CTE of tungsten copper is stable from room temperature to over the melting temperature of solders. The fine machining capabilities and the dedicated plating line assure consistency and homogeneity of final parts in any shapes.

Application Semiconductor Spectra-Mat Solution CTE (ppm @ 25C) Thermal Conductivity W/(k2m)
IR Power Semiconductor Laser GaAs W/Cu 90/10 spacers 6.2 201
UV Semiconductor Laser GaN W/Cu 92/8 spacer 5.8 188
HB LEDs GaN W/Cu 92/8 wafer 5.8 188
RF Amplifiers GaAs W/Cu 90/10 Base 6.2 201
Aerospace RF Amplifiers GaAs Mo/Cu 85/15 Base 6.8 154
MW Amplifiers GaN W/Cu 92/8 Base 5.8 188
At 25 C, CTE of GaAs is 6.5 ppm/K and of GaN is 3.2 ppm/k.

Solutions for High Power Semiconductor Lasers:

The superior thermal conductivity of Spectra-mat's spacers enables the management of the highest level of power of semiconductor lasers.

Solutions for Optical Benches:

The brazing capabilities of tungsten copper to ceramics enable the manufacturing of optical benches where high power semiconductor lasers are couples to lenses and other optical components.

Solutions for HB LEDs:

In the latest generation of HB LEDs, the reduction of production costs can be achieved by employing wafer level packaging, therefore tungsten copper plated wafers (from 2" to 6') are the enabling solutions to guarantee an efficient thermal management at reasonable production costs

Solutions for fiber lasers:

The combiner inside a fiber laser has to withstand a very high thermal load. Tungsten copper combiner can guarantee a quick transfer of the heat from the fiber. Due to their optical grade surface and gold plating, the tungsten copper combiner does not absorb any light.

Solutions for RF and MW amplifiers (MMICs):

GaN and GaAs amplifiers are expanding the realm of their applications. Tungsten copper and moly copper flat bases, flanges and ma¬chined bases with pockets and pass-through guarantee a continuous flow of heat out of the amplifiers.

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