Cathodes for Lamps

by leveraging the expertise in dispenser cathodes for microwave tubes

Spectra-Mat contributed to the development of high performances flash lamps, arc lamps and gas discharge devices by supplying cathodes of different shapes (circular with a tip and able to accommodate a stem) and sizes. Moreover, the material used for cathodes in high vacuum tubes guarantees an extremely low outgassing level with no carbonated gasses that might create black spots on the glass walls of the lamps.

Over the time Spectra-Mat cathodes showed a sizeable resistance to ion bombardment in different gas mixtures and pressures in lamps and gas discharge devices, enabling a longer lifetime of the devices. The large variety of different impregnants together with their high purity enables the optimization of the cathode performances.
  • Long lifetime
  • Different impregnants available
  • Resistance to ion bombardment
  • Low outgassing
  • Different shapes and sizes
  • High open porosity surface

The most important feature of Spectra-Mat cathodes is the high ratio of open pores on the highly homogeneous emitting surface, that provides a path for Ba to exit on the surface to increase the electrons emission.

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