PRODUCTS - Tungsten Alloys

Spectra-Mat, Inc. is a vertically integrated refractory metals manufacturing company.

Spectra-Mat, Inc. manufactures tungsten alloys ranging from 90 to 95 percent tungsten content, being the common name is Tungsten Heavy Alloy (WHA). Additions of nickel and copper to tungsten matrix promote reaction with the tungsten during the manufacturing process, resulting in a two phase structure having large tungsten grains in a binder of tough nickel-copper-tungsten alloy as shown below.

Although the density approaches that of tungsten, unlike tungsten WHA is readily machinable and displays superior mechanical properties as well as low thermal expansion:

  • The high density enables WHA’s superior performance compared to lead and other lead replacements in radiation shielding, x-ray and γ-ray collimation. Other uses include gyroscopic components, boring bars and armor piercing projectiles
  • The low expansion coefficient allows WHA to be compatible with certain glasses (pyrex), semiconductors (InP, InSb, Ge, GaP), metals (Kovar) and ceramics (alumina, sapphire and aluminum nitride)

SMI provides WHA machined components up to 8” diameter exactingly manufactured to our customers’ specifications. WHA can also be plated with nickel and gold for corrosion control and solderability.

Material W/Ni/Cu 90/6/4 (wt %) W/Ni/Cu 95/3.5/1.5 (wt %)
Thermal Expansion (x10-6/K) 50-400°C 6.2 5.2
Thermal Conductivity (W/m•K) 25°C 70 75
Density (g/cc) 17.0 18.2
Hardness (Rockwell C) 24 27
Yield Strength 0.2% offset (psi) 80,000 85,000
Modulus (psi) 40 x 106 45 x 106


  • X-ray and γ-ray radiation shielding/ attenuation components such as collimators for medical, industrial and security applications
  • Low thermal expansion coefficient materials for optoelectronics and fiber optics applications
  • Low thermal expansion coefficient materials for silicon power electronics
  • Kinetic energy penetrators