PRODUCTS - Porous Refractory Metals

Spectra-Mat, Inc. is a vertically integrated refractory metals manufacturing company.

Spectra-Mat, Inc. proprietary process for manufacturing porous refractory metals yields high purity refractory metal materials in a wide range of available densities and pore size distributions. Spectra-Mat, Inc. manufactures 2 types of porous tungsten and molybdenum materials, both with ~100% connected porosity:

  • Standard porous tungsten and molybdenum with average pore size ranging from 1-2 micron depending on density with an available porosity up to 40%
  • Refractory metal (tungsten and molybdenum) "foam" has a bimodal pore distribution, with 1-2 micron pores and additionally, larger porosity that can be tailored in a range of 100-~700 microns. The porosity of tungsten or molybdenum "foam" can be up to 75% depending on pore size

Our materials are easily machined to complex shapes offering an economic alternative to wrought refractory metals.


  • Arc chambers for ion implantation
  • Scientific applications
  • Wafer chucks for semiconductor equipment
  • Fuel cells
  • High temperature filters for gas treatment
  • Atomizer to generate nano particles